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Where to go when visiting Leeds, West Yorkshire

The famous and thriving city of Leeds is positioned in the Northerly band of England. It ‘s renowned as the financial centre of the north and has a significant manufacturing occupancy. Leeds possesses various marvellous constructions and notable historical points, which visitors should make sure to search out and make a point of visiting.

Amongst the many ancient attractions that Leeds holds, Kirkstall Abbey is one of the most favoured localities on the outskirts of this magnificent city. The abbey, which was completed in 1152 after 75 years of building work, depicts perfectly an example of this category of British Cistercian abbey structures of the medieval period. This ancient masterpiece is regarded as one of the uppermost on the list of visitor attractions.

The centre of Leeds has wondrous shopping arcades. Visit the famous Kirkgate market. Or wander around the famous Victoria Quarter, which provides for affluent consumers by housing designer shops such as Hobbs, Harvey Nichols, Vivienne Westwood and many more. Some of the other stores have attractive products and garments to suit all budgets.

There’s also the Merrion centre. A popular destination for many shoppers daily, with shops such as Dorothy Perkins and many others who sell their products at more favourable prices.

Leeds has many points of educational interest, such as the city museum and Leeds city art gallery, which attracts visitors from all over the world. The city is home to some of the most brilliant parks and the magnificent millennium gardens, located close to the city centre. This unique enclosure, created to commemorate and embrace the millennium in the year 2000, at an estimated cost of over 11.5 million pounds. The Millennium Commission and Leeds city council jointly financed this. Such is its beauty that it received an award at the Chelsea flower show in 2004.

Leeds accommodates a broad range of stimulating nightlife with a fantastic atmosphere. A large student population adds to the atmosphere of the city, which houses venues for alternative music which vacationists seem to enjoy greatly.





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