Hiring a Professional Oven Cleaning Company

What are the advantages of contracting the services of a professional oven cleaning company?

• The service we offer is the best value for your money. Our team of oven cleaners are professional in the execution of their job, so safety and efficiency are guaranteed.

• We service most sections of Leeds and its neighbouring areas.

• Our service is available outside of regular working hours including bank holidays and weekends, unlike other companies, and there is no additional charge. When making your booking kindly indicate your preferred time.

• The service offered has comprehensive insurance cover.

• Highly trained employees and all possess the required certification in the handling of all kinds of cleaning jobs.

Hire professional oven cleaners

• Our rates are fixed and include no undeclared charges. With regular maintenance, the life of your cooker will be significantly increased.

• Our products are safe and eco-friendly, and our service comes with the guarantee of safety and welfare, as we follow safe oven cleaning practices. You can be confident that after completion of our work, your oven can be used right after and there will be no residues.

We also offer cleaning and maintenance services for other appliances in your kitchen, such as microwaves, fridges, fridge/freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, hob cleaning and extractor cleaning and even barbecue grills. Our rates are very competitive and the level of service unparalleled.

Oven Troubleshooting Guide

The vast experience gained working with various customers, and our working knowledge of ovens has allowed us to create a checklist of potential problems. Some of these issues you may be experiencing right now with your appliances, and we have listed the solutions below that we would apply in each case:

1. Does your oven smoke during use? – The build-up of grease and carbon on different areas of your oven can be the reason for this problem. Curing this problem is easy with our deep cleaning services, with the use of high-quality products that are non-toxic and eco-friendly, as well as premier equipment in the industry. Upon completion of our service, you will have immediate usage of your oven without any smoke being created in your kitchen.

2. Is there dirt ingress or drips on the inside of your oven doors? – Issues like this can be quite annoying and embarrassing, as the dirt may be visible when looking from the outside to visitors to your home. We will deep clean your appliance thoroughly, including the removal, stripping, cleaning and refitting of doors. All shelving and removable sides will be removed and put in our heated dip tank, which is custom made and attached to the back of our vehicles. The cleaning solutions used in our heated dip tanks are non-toxic and eco-friendly, and the result will be that your items will look similar to their original state in about 30 minutes.

3. Do you have problems seeing through your oven door while cooking is in progress? – Similar to the process above, your oven doors will be looking like new after the oven deep cleaning process, so you will not have to open the door to check on your food. We will also replace your oven bulb if it isn’t working, at no extra charge!

4. Does your kitchen heat up while using your oven? – It is quite common for the main door seal in used ovens to deteriorate over time. We have seen this in appliances that are only five years old, and this results in the escape of heat while cooking and the length of time for the food to be cooked extended. More power is wasted, and the kitchen can become intolerably hot. Our expert technicians will inspect the door seals during the oven cleaning process, to determine any failure and advise whether replacement is needed. We can order a replacement seal and install with no additional costs, or you could order your own in advance and we will fit it for you for free!

Our experts will VERY thoroughly clean any part of the oven, which may be hidden and not easily visible, or accessible. Since the process includes the removal of the fan for cleaning, we are then able to clean the hidden areas. Our guarantee, to professionally deep clean your oven, and any evidence of grease and burnt on carbon will be removed from areas that are difficult to access.

Not only do we offer an oven cleaning service to domestic homes, but we also offer our exceptional service to local businesses, including letting and estate agents, as well as, private landlords. Additionally, we offer an end of tenancy oven cleaning service to landlords and tenants vacating premises. Cleaning thoroughly before moving out will also help in the return of your deposit!

We welcome a call from any local business that has a semi-commercial kitchen and would require our services. Currently, we are available to homes and premises in the Yorkshire area. Please contact us for the cleaning of your ovens and grills, range cookers, hobs, AGA cookers, washing machines, microwaves, fridges, fridge/freezers, dishwashers, BBQ or extractor hoods and filters.

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