Attractions in Doncaster

In Doncaster, one can find the Regency buildings, the Norman Castles and a rich horse-racing and railways heritage. With time, the town has evolved into a modern metropolis. There are now shopping centres, open green spaces and natural reserves and an array of nightspots to add to the various Doncaster attractions.

St Leger at the Town’s Racecourse

In 1776, a British Army officer named Anthony St Leger came up with the idea of a horse race whose original distance measured two miles. With time, this gradually morphed into the modern St Leger Doncaster races that are globally famous. Nowadays, this event forms one of the largest races on the calendar, attended by tens of thousands of enthusiasts.

History of Leeds

Doncaster as a Coaching Centre

The 18th century saw the arrival of stage coaches in Doncaster where they stopped as they travelled north or south and made the town a centre of action, something that made residents proud. Some original coaching inns still live to this day. Such include the original inn situated on the Old Great North Road, the Salutation Inn and one located in Bawtry, which is close to Doncaster.
Experiencing the Nostalgia

Although lots of history for the old coaching inns, there are also churches, museums, ancient villages, country houses and castles where one can get a glimpse of eras past. These offer a good insight of the town during the Georgian, Norman and Victorian times. At Doncaster Market, one can also experience one of the best traditional centres in the country.
Where Old Meets New

There is even something for those looking for modern attractions. There are modern country hotels and guest houses where one can settle and indulge in various mod-cons. No matter where one opts to spend their time, they’ll surely be delighted by the welcoming attitude that adorns the whole town.

Other Attractions

With a wide range of open green spaces and wonderful museums, it’s safe to say that most tastes are catered for, cutting across all age ranges. At Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, one can take delight in both contemporary and traditional attractions. Here, they could learn from rich families and their servants who resided there. They can then explore the vast Victorian gardens as well as the captivating fountain and summerhouse. While a garden centre doesn’t seem to combine well with a steam museum, this combination interestingly exists at the Markham Grange Steam Museum.

Horse Races and Similar Attractions

At the Doncaster Racecourse, there’s never a dull moment. The iconic Town Moor has always drawn great interest from enthusiasts for centuries. If one fancies their chances, they could have a punt as well. Other activities include a combination of vintage carnivals and murder mystery evenings. To get a feel for the spirit of this place, one could also pop up into the Salutation Arms. Located nearby, it is a famous real-ale watering hole that provides a stable for horses coming into the grounds.

Doncaster also has other iconic antique centres. Many historic buildings in the town have provided inspiration for some writers. For instance, the classic novel titled Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott is inspired by the Conisborough Castle. Constructed using magnesian limestone, this is a unique English example of medieval architecture.
Indulge in Victorian Gothic

The town’s skyline also features another architectural fascination that inspired some literal works. Sir John Betjeman, Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom from 1972 until his death in 1984, described the Doncaster Minster as the epitome of Victorian Gothic. Designed and dreamed up by the same architect who designed the London St Pancras Station, George Gilbert Scott. Here, one can find many treasures like the Victorian stained glass, the organ and the Dent clock.
Through the Georgian Window

One would find it hard not to be attracted by the architecture as they near Cusworth Hall and 18th Century Mansion-house. Inside, there are still more historic slices to discover. Mansion house is one of the three remaining Civic Mansion Houses that still stand in Britain. It still provides a sense of civic pride for the city. The Mansion House can also be toured with prior arrangement if one is interested and has a variety of memorabilia on display. Cusworth Hall still has a special interest because it still contains all the features of Georgian architecture.
Fly High

The South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum has a special collection of aircraft from Britain’s inaugural air show of 1909. There are also modern aircraft and fast jets. With all these and more all uniquely preserved, this place provides a great day out for enthusiasts and families alike. Other interesting exhibits include cocktails and other familiar treats.